Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wesley the Owl - by Stacey O'Brien

I haven't read an animal story in a long time, and this one was amazing.  It touched my heart and taught me things about nature and animals that I didn't know before.  

Wesley the Owl is about a young woman named Stacey who is given the opportunity to take a baby barn owl home and raise him.  The biologists at CalTech where she works can't keep him, and Stacey could learn a lot about him and record he findings for them while raising him at home. She agrees and takes the baby owlet home and they live together and develop an amazing relationship for the next nineteen years.

I was blown away by the things that this bird did.  He was so cute and his antics were adorable, hilarious, weird, sweet, and a little scary every now and then.  A lot of us have dogs and cats as pets, but this owl seemed to be more like a person, like a thinking, feeling being than any dog or cat I have yet to meet.  

I usually don't read a lot of nonfiction...but I raced through this book, eager to follow Wesley's growth and watch the two become closer and closer.  You will love this book if you pick it up - no doubt about it.  It is sweet and heartwarming.  If you are bored and blah here during these last weeks of winter, pick up this book and it will warm you right up.  

Grade:  B

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