Monday, March 5, 2012

Why We Broke Up

I liked this book.  I remember performing a Maira Kalman book for one of my classes at UNC.  I love her illustrations.  The art included in the book makes this a really special book.  Unique.  I enjoyed the read.  I wasn't really taken with the story at first.  I wasn't sure what I thought of the voice of Min as the narrator.  But once I got into the story, I was hooked.  I was hooked because obviously, I knew they broke up but wanted to get the details.  But I was also hooked because I've been heart broken.  This book as quotes from all kinds of writers about their first or biggest heartbreaks, and that's really what's here.  Straight up heartbreak.  It's messy.  You're feelings are hurt.  But you still love the person.  It's complicated.

Min is labeled as "arty" by some, though really she can't even draw or anything.  But suffice it to say, Min isn't one of "the" popular kids.  She's got her gang.  She knows a fair amount of people.  She's just a high school girl.  Enter Ed Slaterton.  Somehow, he and Min cross paths.  He's interested.  She's interested....I mean, this is basketball co-captain Ed Slaterton.  Things happen...and this unlikely pair turns into an actual couple.  But it doesn't last.  The book itself is Min's "Why We Broke Up" letter to Ed.  She has put all the objects, souvenirs, etc. from their relationship into a box and has THUNKED the box onto his door step.  Who knows what he'll do with it.  Who knows if he'll read Min's letter.

I liked that this book was honest.  One of my favorite parts is when Min is saying just how normal she is.  She's not different.  She's not arty.  She's just a girl.  We all do so much in our lives.  We fill many roles and we have many responsibilities.  I don't care who you are or how smart your are or how athletic you are or how interesting you are....You are still a boy....or you are still a girl....and when we give our hearts to another, there's always that possibility of heart-break.  But what would life be without the ups and downs, right?  This is a great read.  While it's sad because you know what ultimately happens between these's still nice to read about someone going through something that we all deal with - the break up

Oh, and here's the website for The Why We Broke Up Project....if you want to share.

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