Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Million Suns by Beth Revis

Obviously, since this is the second book in a trilogy, I don't want to give too, too much away for people who haven't read it.  But I will say, I really enjoyed book two!  I felt like it was fast paced and exciting.  It picked up right where the first book, Across the Universe, left off and didn't slow down for one minute.

The series is about two main characters, Amy and Elder.  Elder is a leader on the spacecraft Godspeed.  He's part of an elaborate hierarchy of leadership aboard the vessel.  He finds out in book one that what he thought he knew about the ship isn't true at all, and he faces many choices and decisions.  Amy, on the other hand, is not a member of the Godspeed crew like Elder is.  She, along with her parents, was frozen when Godspeed left Earth.  That is until someone unplugged her way before her time.  She's lucky that she made it.  But when she looks around at the mono-ethnic people on the ship, she realizes that her pale skin and red hair make her stand out and that she might be lucky to be alive, but she's certainly not safe.  Amy and Elder continue to work together during the first and second books to get the ship where it needs to be and to focus on the one important thing in the future - completing Godspeed's mission of landing on another Earth-like planet, Centauri-Earth.

Revis is a fun writer.  Both books, once they got going, were fast reads.  I kept wanting to turn pages so I could find out what in the world would be next.  I highly recommend if you like sci-fi sort of stuff. 

P.S. I absolutely love both of the covers for these books.  The first book had a two-sided cover.  I wish the second book had a reversible cover as well, but it didn't.  Still great covers, though.

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